Call for Papers: Internationalization of Service Firms

Call for Papers – International Marketing Review Special issue: “Internationalization of service firms” Submission deadline: 15th September 2013 Guest Co-editors: Elizabeth L. Rose, University of Otago and Aalto University Hussain G. Rammal, University of South Australia Despite the importance of the service sector in the global economy, we still have a great deal to learn about the internationalization of services. The goal of this special issue is to encourage the development of new perspectives on a wide variety of issues pertaining to the internationalization of firms operating in the service sector. Building on the 2005 International Marketing Review special issue … Continue reading Call for Papers: Internationalization of Service Firms

Pakistan Floods Support

According to the United Nations, the recent floods in Pakistan have caused more devastation than the disasters in Haiti, and the Asian tsunami. The global community has provided aid and support for the relief work and there is still more that can be done. Disaster Aid Australia has been playing an important role in providing support directly to the victims of this disaster. For more information visit their website at: Continue reading Pakistan Floods Support